What we offer

Deepsea Fishing Charters

Welcome on board! We hope you have a fantastic experience with us.

And if the Gods smile on you – we will get you to catch some good fish. We are a suitably registered charter operation and we work very hard to make your day special.
We supply the rods and equipment – matched to the type of fish we are targeting on the day. The bait on board is fresh and the crew will show you the best way to apply it. By the way - the fish you catch, the fish you keep (within the regulation numbers of course!). There are ice-cold minerals and water available – on the house! You just bring your favourite snack and some suitable clothes for the day. Ladies and Juniors are welcome. And lastly, but most importantly – don’t forget a valid fishing licence! We like to leave early morning, so you may enjoy the best fishing time and beautiful sunrises on
the sea.

Bottom Fishing

We are so blessed in this area of our inshore (line) fishing and can offer some exciting excursions to both the experienced and novice fisherman.

Species available in the waters off Port Alfred are Cob, Geelbek, Dagaraad, Roman, Stock fish, scotsman, Santer and Dikbekkies / Panga and Carpenter - to mention a few. And during the latter part of the year, you might be able to catch your own Calamari for supper! We have a catch and release programme and actively tag and release certain species.
So book your seat on one of our well-rigged boats for an experience you’ll never forget!  “Blackfish” is our new 30ft Butt Cat – registered to carry larger fishing parties. We supply the tackle and you keep your catch! We are registered charter operators and our boat is suitably licenced.

Sightseeing Trips

And should you decide on a short trip – (2 – 3 hours) – out to sea, and you are not a fisherman, you are in for a wonderful surprise. Bring your picnic basket, or let us arrange for you. Sit back and enjoy!

Our waters are teeming with sea life – from birds, seals and dolphins, to penguins and whales. And if you are really lucky on the day, you may even be privileged to see sunfish and / or sea turtles. And during the height of the annual sardine run along our coastline, you’ll be overwhelmed by the large
numbers of Cape Gannet (Malgas) and hundreds of dolphins that follow them on their migration up the coast. Experience the unique sound of birds, whales and dolphins during their annual feeding frenzy!!

And last, but not least, enjoy the view from the sea and identify your favourite landmarks on shore.

All in all – a wonderful experience!

Off-Shore Game Fishing

Game-fishing in the waters off the Kowie (Port Alfred) is largely under-utilized, although Marlin are regularly sighted and the odd unit has been caught over the years.
There is an abundance of Tuna – Yellow-fin and Skipjack – as close in as eight miles off-shore. Bait fish is readily available although trolling is mostly preferred.

For the light – tackle enthusiast we recommend you try trips to the “Cray traps” for some exciting tussles with large Dorado (mahi – mahi).

And if you have never hooked or landed a “dirty – fighter” Yellow-tail, join us on a special trip to Bird Island – an experience never to be forgotten!
Because of the specialized nature of these trips, forward planning is necessary, considering weather, time of the year and sea conditions.
We are suitably rigged withdeepsea craft, “Blackfish” (newly rigged
30ft Butt Cat). Skippered by Darren de Bruin and assisted by experienced crew. Our outfit / boats are correctly registered as Charter Boats.

Custom Packages

Blackfish Charters of Port Alfred (The Kowie) has played host to anglers from around the globe. We are in the fortunate position that we can showcase some very exciting fishing within reach of our
homebase, the Kowie River.

Blackfish offers you the opportunity to select, and customise a trip and opportunity to fish some exciting species. Always considering weather patterns, and time of year.

Our boat is specially rigged and crewed to offer the following exciting packages:

A) A tussle with a Copper (Red) Steenbras in the deep water some .20miles off shore is an experience never to be forgotten. This voracious feeder is a sought-after trophy, and the flesh is some of the best out there! Numbers of fish per angler is strictly controlled.

B) And then there are the legendary yellow-tail found in the vicinity of Bird Island – some 40 sea miles from the Kowie. This never – say -die fish will fight you to the boat, and then some! An unforgettable trip by sea and the excitement of the catch makes for some wonderful memories!

C) There is some light-tackle (spinning) excitement within reach of the Kowie. Visit the “Cray trap” area some 20 miles off shore and experience the excitement of hooking up to one of the most colourful and tenacious fighters in the sea. The Dorado (Mahi-Mahi) is rather selective when it comes to bait / lure presentation and part of the experience is to entice them to “come on the bite”. Conditions out there can also be rather challenging at times. The rewards can be great. The Dorado’s flesh is superb for a meal – no wonder it is called “the chicken of the sea”.

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